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Environmentally friendly

The paper used to produce my cards is made from 100% ECF primary fibre from
sustainable forests and is recyclable. (FSC Mix Credit).

British Bird Range - All British Bird greetings card designs have been Carbon Offset by The World Land Trust.

All cards are packed in bags made from annually renewable PLA derived from corn or similar starches (potato etc) and are fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down to CO2 and H2O.


greeting cards

actual size 152mm x 152mm * rrp £3.00 * sold in packs of 6

supplied fsc white envelope and with low tack card clasp or compostable PLA bag

Click on any image to enlarge. (All images © Jane Crick)



purple allium II

white allium


woodland allium

giant allium

winter allium


British Birds

BB-C014: chaffinch

BB-C013: firecrests

BB-C012: longtailedtits

BB-C011: wren

BB-C010: waxwing

BB-C009: hedgesparrow

BB-C008: songthrush

BB-C007: kingfisher

BB-C006: greenfinch

BB-C005: coaltit

BB-C004: bullfinch

BB-C003: blackbird

BB-C002: bluetit

BB/C001: goldfinch

XMAS/C002: robin



British Seaside

SEA/C020: puffin

SEA/C019: seals

SEA/C018: oystercatcher

SEA/C017: the estuary

SEA/C016: tall beach huts

SEA/C015: avocets

SEA/C014: flying seagulls

SEA/C013: sand dunes

SEA/C012: shoreline

SEA/C011: the bench

SEA/C010: fishing boat

SEA/C009: the lighthouse

SEA/C008: the lookout

SEA/C007: wading seagull

SEA/C006: the pier

SEA/C005: stripey beach huts

SEA/C004: beach huts


SEA/C003: donkey rides

SEA/C002: ice cream

SEA/C001: strawberries




SPR/C016: anemones

SPR/C015: acquilegia

SPR/C014: primroses

SPR/C013: magnolia

SPR/C012: parrot tulip

SPR/C011: double snowdrop

SPR/C010: tete-a-tete

SPR/C009: green tulip

SPR/C008: pansies

SPR/C007: flag iris

SPR/C006: fritillary


SPR/C005: yellow iris


SPR/C004: hellebore


SPR/C003: snowdrops


SPR/C002: muscari

SPR/C001: daffodils



SUMM-C025: english climbing rose

SUMM/C024: sunflowers ukraine

SUMM/C024: geranium

SUMM/C023: pinks


SUMM/C021: peony

SUMM/C020: hydrangea

SUMM/C019: nigella

SUMM/C018: honeysuckle

SUMM/C017: cosmos

SUMM/C016: rudbeckia

SUMM/C015: lupins

SUMM/C014: echinops

SUMM/C013: delphiniums

SUMM/C012: zinnias

SUMM/C011: passionflower

SUMM/C010: agapanthus

SUMM/C009: bergamot


SUMM/C008: echinacea

SUMM/C007: sunflower

SUMM/C006: sweet peas

SUMM/C005: houseleek


SUMM/C004: red dahlia


SUMM/C003: lavender


SUMM/C002: pink roses


SUMM/C001: poppyfield



XMAS/C014: mistletoe

AUT/C010: crab apple

AUT/C009: pheasant berry

AUT/C008: nerine

AUT/C006: cyclamen


AUT/C005: eryngium


AUT/C004: snow berry


AUT/C003: honesty


AUT/C002: fennel


AUT/C001: sea holly




XMAS/C011: king

XMAS/C011: adelie

XMAS/C010: jackass

XMAS/C009: fox

XMAS/C008: pheasants

XMAS/C007: squirrel

XMAS/C005: snowman

XMAS/C004: reindeer

XMAS/C002: robin


XMAS/C014: mistletoe

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