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Click on any image to enlarge. (All images © Jane Crick)


Greetings Cards:

actual size 152mm x 152mm * rrp £2.50 * sold in packs of 6
supplied with fsc white envelope and pre-packed in corn starch bag

XMAS/C011: king

XMAS/C011: adelie

XMAS/C010: jackass

XMAS/C009: fox

XMAS/C008: pheasants

XMAS/C007: squirrel

XMAS/C006: polar bear

XMAS/C005: snowman

XMAS/C004: reindeer

XMAS/C003: tree

XMAS/C002: robin


XMAS/C001: gingerbread

Christmas Florals

actual size 152mm x 152mm  *  rrp £2.50 * sold in packs of 6

with premium white envelope in corn starch bag

XMAS/C014: mistletoe

AUT/C010: crab apple

AUT/C009: pheasant berry

AUT/C008: nerine

AUT/C007: quince

AUT/C006: cyclamen


AUT/C005: eryngium


AUT/C004: snow berry


AUT/C003: honesty


AUT/C002: fennel


AUT/C001: sea holly



Gift wrap:

high quality, single sided, matt finish giftwrap  *  rrp £1.55 per sheet *
sold in 10's or 25's * matching tags and Eco Gift wrap packs available

XMAS/GW014: mistletoe

XMAS/GW0012: penguin party

XMAS/GW009: fox & pheasant

XMAS/GW006: arctic woodland

XMAS/GW005: winter allotment

XMAS/GW004: winter woodland

XMAS/GW002: robin

XMAS/GW001: gingerbread

GW0014: pheasant berry


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